At Carolina Nutrition Specialists, we cater our sessions to meet your personal needs and interests. After your initial nutrition assessment, we work with you to create a plan that best fits your personal health goals. Each client is unique, and our approach is customized to the person, couple, group and/or family.

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Complimentary Initial Consult: 30-minute appt. (Free)

Initial Visit/Nutrition Assessment: 60-minute appt. $140

Follow-up visits: 45-minute appt. $75

Grocery Store Tour: $150

Now Providing the MRT/LEAP Food Sensitivity Testing! 



Nutrition Reboot
(1 assessment + 3 additional visits)

Package Price: $328.00 (regularly $365)

This package is ideal for those who are active and aware of their nutritional needs but need an extra boost to help achieve their goals. 

  • Comprehensive nutrition assessment: determination of body composition, calculation of energy/calorie needs, calculation of ideal energy consumption. 
  • Review of diet history and usual intake of nutrients and calories.
  • Review of pertinent medical history and labs if available.
  • Establishment of personal nutrition and fitness goals. 
  • Creation of individualized meal plan to optimize nutrition based on clients needs, likes, goals and lifestyle.
  • Weekly assessment of progress with recommendations for moving forward, for a total of 4 visits (initial assessment and three, 45 minute follow-up visits).           

Nutrition Intensive
(1 assessment + 11 additional visits)

Package Price: $849 (regularly $965)

This package is ideal for those with weight loss goals, specific health needs, and those who have not seen results from their current diet and exercise routines. 

  • Includes Nutrition Reboot Package as well as;
  • Grocery store tours and recommendations for incorporation into customized meal plans (counts as 2 visits).
  • Weekly review of progress for a total of 12 weeks (initial assessment and eleven, 45 minute follow-up visits).
  • Incorporation of fitness routine and recommendations.               

Lifestyle Optimization
(1 assessment + 23 additional visits)

Package Price: $1,585 (regularly $1,865)

This package is ideal for the motivated individual wishing to obtain optimal wellness through comprehensive lifestyle change. 

  • Includes all services in above packages over a 24 week period. 
  • Focus is placed on creating habits that result in life long sustainable change         

If your in-network health insurance provider is Blue Cross Blue Shield, we will file your insurance. For all others, we provide a Health Insurance Claim Form for you to file with your insurance provider.

*Accepting BCBS in the Raleigh office as an In-Network provider.
*Payments are made at the time of service if you do not have BCBS. Payment options include: cash, check and credit card.