At Carolina Nutrition Specialists, we cater our sessions to meet your personal needs and interests.
After your initial nutrition assessment, we work with you to create a plan that best fits your personal health goals.
Each client is unique, and our approach is customized to the person, couple, group and/or family

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Complimentary Initial Consult: 30-minute appt. (Free)

Initial Visit/Nutrition Assessment: 60-minute appt. $140

Follow-up visits: 45-minute appt. $75

Grocery Store Tour: $150

Now Providing MRT/LEAP Food Sensitivity Testing


Nutrition Reboot
(1 assessment + 3 additional visits)

Package Price: $328.00 (regularly $365)

This package is ideal for those who are active and aware of their nutritional needs but need an extra boost to help achieve their goals. 

  • Comprehensive nutrition assessment: determination of body composition, calculation of energy/calorie needs, calculation of ideal energy consumption. 
  • Review of diet history and usual intake of nutrients and calories.
  • Review of pertinent medical history and labs if available.
  • Establishment of personal nutrition and fitness goals. 
  • Creation of individualized meal plan to optimize nutrition based on clients needs, likes, goals and lifestyle.
  • Weekly assessment of progress with recommendations for moving forward, for a total of 4 visits (initial assessment and three, 45 minute follow-up visits).           

Nutrition Intensive
(1 assessment + 11 additional visits)

Package Price: $849 (regularly $965)

This package is ideal for those with weight loss goals, specific health needs, and those who have not seen results
from their current diet and exercise routines.

  • Includes Nutrition Reboot Package as well as;
  • Grocery store tours and recommendations for incorporation into customized meal plans (counts as 2 visits).
  • Weekly review of progress for a total of 12 weeks (initial assessment and eleven, 45 minute follow-up visits).
  • Incorporation of fitness routine and recommendations.               

Lifestyle Optimization
(1 assessment + 23 additional visits)

Package Price: $1,585 (regularly $1,865)

This package is ideal for the motivated individual wishing to obtain optimal wellness through comprehensive lifestyle change. 

  • Includes all services in above packages over a 24 week period. 
  • Focus is placed on creating habits that result in life long sustainable change         


Cary Office will provide the information you need to file your insurance claim

Raleigh Office accepts BCBS as an In-Network provider. We will file BCBS and all other insurance for you.

*Payments are made at the time of service if you do not have BCBS.
Payment options include: cash, check and credit card.